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Hi! I am a 19 year old nursing student, among many other things. But seeing as I am paying for that title, I might as well use it. Here on this blog are bits and pieces of my life that I would like to share with you. Hopefully it will be good times had by all. Leave me a comment, or email me if you wanna chat! (see link below)


"Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo."


Monday, January 22, 2007 |

A hearty thankyou to my four relatives, and two others, who so graciously left comments on my blog. I love you too. So much for de-lurking, the rest of you jerks! Im not too broken up about it. Really.
So I suppose I will have to find other ways to entertain you and entice you to comment because obviously my strategy isn't working. Oh well. Im really not that committed. But I'll tell you what I AM committed to: SCHOOL! Yay! I'm finally getting my act together and getting my homework done, on time, and done well. I have finally found a way to manage my time and do everything I need to do (mostly) before the sun goes down. And to whom do I owe this credit? Well it sure as heck isn't me. Don't be silly, I don't have that much self-control to stay away from you internets and all your clever blogs and websites full of witty banter. No, instead, I owe this pleasure to Kyle, whose workplace roof blew off and consequently he is on night shifts. Translated: I can't hang out with Kyle so I might as well do some dang homework. It's working out great cuz I still see him most mornings or sometimes just for lunch and still have tons of time after classes to get things done. It's been grand! Two claps for me.

Monday, January 15, 2007 |

Heard it through the grapevine...

That it's de-lurking week! Sweet! Thought I should get in on some of that action. De-lurking week may have been last week, but cut my some slack here. Im a busy student. SO...those of you who are reading this right now...leave me a comment! And blow me away with how many readers I have. Please? :) I know there are tons of you from highschool who read this....hmm? And tons of you I don't know yet. Ive left comments on blogs Ive been lurking on, and I can assure you, it is a truly therapeutic experience. Heres a (sorta) funny story that happened today to coerce you into leaving a comment.
I was organizing my car while stopped at a red light: you know, cleaning up the chocolate bar wrappers, putting pens, CD's and miscellaneous items away, when I spotted my 3-time donation pin from Canadian Blood Services. It was sitting precariously on top of my lighter-charger thing, which was haphazardly sticking out from the last time I charged my phone in the car. (Kyle put it there. How silly.) So, without thinking (gimme a break the light was gonna turn green any second) I pulled the lighter up and the pin dropped into the lighter hole.
POP! Oh crap, I blew a fuse. There goes the heater,the radio, the clock....grr. I actually thought my car turned off because there was no sound. But, it was on, and so I continued on the drive home, cold and music-less. Good thing I actually knew what was going on. It was a quick fix when I got home, I just popped a new fuse into the fuse-box. Presto. Yay for me and my knowledge of cars!
Ok maybe that story wasn't funny at all. Leave me a comment out of pity then. And Kevin if I hear one remark about how I suck at telling stories...I don't know what I'll do. Maybe make you drink 1 gallon of milk and eat 1 pail of ice cream followed by 537 buffalo chicken strips from Boston Pizza, sans water.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007 |


So it all started when we went to Kevin's house one spooky Saturday night...we had just finished watching a creepy movie. With nothing better to do, we pulled out THE GAME: Nightmare. "No!" Michael shrieked as he looked with horror upon the aged and faded cardboard box. The four friends slowly glanced at one another as if to say "Are we really going to do this?" They plugged in the tape and skimmed over the instructions, and a scary face which looked like a middle age greasy unshaven trucker who watches too much WWE appeared on the screen. He is THE GATEKEEPER.

Are you scared yet? Intrigued?? I bet. Is this story building up to a whole lot of nothing? You betcha. You can't blame me when four people over 18 play a board game made in 1991 for 8 year olds. Anyway, it was quite amusing. Even the rules were funny:
Once you plug in the tape and press play, you are NOT allowed to press pause or rewind. You MUST follow the gatekeepers rules, for this is his game. If you do not respond to him by saying "YES MY GATEKEEPER" and he catches you, he will punish you.
Oh wow, so much fun. Not to mention the excellent characters! Ghouls, zombies, poltergeists, vampires, werewolfs....let the fun begin. The idea is prety cool, although the budget for this game was probably about twelve dollars. At the beginning of the game, you write down your WORST FEAR (spiders, snakes, heights, etc. *as quoted in instructions) and then place it in the center of the board. You then move around the board, trying to avoid black holes and landing on peoples graveyards. Once you obtain your six keys which give you special powers, you travel to the center and flip over somebodys "Nightmare" card, and if its yours...YOU LOSE! Anyway, we played it competitively for an hour, and it was a lot of fun. Mostly because we made fun of it the whole time. Here's my character, Hellin:
"Hellin was an infant trouble-maker who once threw a temper tantrum so violent, it caused an aneurysm in her brain and she died. But now baby Hellin never has to pick up her toys again and it's never bedtime in her wretched fairground where the ride of your life will cost you it.Haunting a rancid toy box, the problem child from The Other Side is as spoiled as she is rotten. Enough to wipe the smile off a laughing clown. hellin doesn't throw tantrums - she throws anything and everything she can get her sticky little fingers on."
Good times!!

Long time no see Sunday, January 07, 2007 |

WOW has it ever been a long time since I talked to you all. Partially due to the lack of significant-worth-mentioning events, and partially due to the copious amounts of time I got to spend with my friends, and especially Kyle. Christmas was awesome and I was very spoiled. I got some really cool stuff from Kyle's family and even more cool stuff from Kyle himself. Man, that kid has good taste! New Years went by not too excitingly. Kyle, Kevin, Mike, Alissa, Brian, Michelle, Lynn and I partied for New Years at Mikes house. Their family rented a hot tub which was extra sweet. 12 o clock came and went, and thats about all. It was fun though, and nice and relaxing. Last week I worked a little (25 hours) and spent more time with Kyle and friends. Kyle should have been working, but lucky for me, he got laid off! Yes I know that sounds really bad, but due to the extreme verocity and ruthlessness of the wind here, the roof of where he works was ripped off. So, the hanger where he builds houses is current out of commission. So he got last week off! Im sure hell tell you all about it on his blog, too.

Tomorrow I return to school unfortunately, but fear not for I believe that me starting school and resuming blogging are closely related. I mean, what else am I going to do in my free time Ive created by procrastinating??? I am looking forward to the classes I am taking, but not the extensive amounts of homework and reading.

In other exciting news....I GOT A CELL PHONE!! Thats right kids, I am with the times. Oh yeah. Im pretty sure Im one of the last people on the Earth to get a cell phone, except for my parents. Sad. Id love to post the number so all of you cool people out there can call me and I can feel really important answering my Kelly Clarkson ringtone while people look on and admire my sweet phone, but Im afraid of those creepers out there. So, no phone number for you. Anyway, here is the new beauty:
Now I dont want anyone griping to me about the nonflip vs. flip phone issue. I deliberated for a LONG TIME (ask Kyle, he had to wait for me to decide). I know I know, scratched screen, etc. But the Dutch in me won out, and I got this phone for FREE with a killer student plan. Plus Bell-to-Bell calling so I can phone Kyle ALL I want for FREE! (Im beginning to sense a theme here...)He also signed up for this feature so he can call me all he wants for FREE too. Sweet. Anyway, talk to ya soon!! I hope everyones' Christmas holidays were as awesome as mine.